a new day, a new day, in my head a slide-show
the day reminds, the day reminds me still of you
sitting here, sitting here, never really left
sitting here, my head on my chest

but now here I'm standing, try to remember who you are.
the years- they passed by, but all the time I knew,
that one day we would meet again.

I know you are,but what am I?
29.4.08 22:44

It holds on raining
from the time on she lost her mind
Starring up the wall
But she couldnt fly

Only memorys remain
of the time she could smile
Now its all grey around
forever, for a while
Crying ain't her style

Wandering around
and all she could see
was her little perfect world
but now there is no place to be

Finally she knew the rules of life
A never ending story
of the one who gives up itself
to live an eternal life
4.9.06 20:35

I cry to alley way
confess all to the rain
but I lie, lie straight to the mirror
one I've broken to match my face

6.6.06 06:06

make me mad
make me sad
make me feel alright

6.6.06 06:06

you're there,always
never too far away
seem to be near
need you here

6.6.06 06:06

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